© Mistress Audrey Fatale - Professional Dominatrix. Melbourne, Australia



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As the incomparable ‘La Femme Terrible’, I am both your dream come true and your nightmare personified.


Carved from the depths of your boyhood fantasia, I will embody your wickedest desires: your seducer, your tormentor and, ultimately, your liberator.  Imagined in your darkest recesses, I am a classic beauty with a coquettish charm. Strict yet compassionate, I bring a unique disposition to my role: a bewitching blend of gravitas, seduction and cruelty.


A panacea for the mundane, I will emancipate you from your circadian bondage and initiate you into my web. I will teach you that pleasure does not exist without pain, that liberation cannot come without sacrifice. 

With porcelain skin and a figure reminiscent of the most archetypical female forms, my womanhood is fully realised in my classic fetish attire. An articulate conversationalist and a creative thinker, I am a woman of many talents and many appetites.

With nearly a decade of experience in professional BDSM, I wield my whips and my words with precise measure and offer the discerning individual an experience that is both authentic and intense.