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To help guide your decision making process and give you some clarity in regards to the practical considerations of meeting with me, I have answered some of the more common questions here.

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Primarily, I identify as a traditional Dominatrix. If you're not sure what I mean by that, it can be loosely summarised by these two tenets:

1. My role is not performative nor am I a vehicle for your sexual gratification.

2. You serve ME, not the other way around.

Whilst I am keenly interested in what makes you tick (as a tool to enhance your submission), ultimately, when you step into my domain, I am in control.

My approach to the practice of BDSM is deeply psychological and my ultimate goal is to facilitate a transformative experience. I typically do this by approaching my sessions in one of two ways: from the perspective of behaviour modification or catharsis trough ordeal.

The tools I use to achieve this are many and varied and with 10 years experience practicing my craft, they are finely tuned. I don't offer a 'menu' option in which you 'order' a list of 'services' - that's not the game I play. What I do offer is a genuine, considered approach in which your interests, desires and limits are explored and respected. 

My expectations of you are that you are self reflexive enough to understand your motivations and confident enough within yourself to hand over control and let me guide the way.