Pro Domina Soirée

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Lisa Berkert Wallard

Auction for service slave/s + caged gimp positions

Bidding for the Domina Soiree positions has opened and will run until 8pm Sunday, 7th of November (please read below for all event and position details). 

To submit a bid you must send an email to with "Domina Soiree" in the subject line. In the body of the email you will state the role you are bidding on and the amount you are bidding. You will also include your name, age and your BDSM experience (please include whether you have seen in the past or are currently seeing Professional Dominatrices). If you are not known to Me, you will be required to pass screening which may include providing identifying information and/or references from other Dominas. 

The starting bid for each position is $300. All winning bids are to be paid within 72 hours of the auction closing (Wed 10th, 8pm) and can be done via Beem It or bank transfer. All winning bids will be put towards catering for the event. 

I will respond to each bid to notify you if you are the highest bidder, if your bid hasn't matched what has already been submitted or, if you are outbid before the close of auction. You will then have the opportunity to resubmit a higher bid or withdraw. 

Bids will not be accepted based solely on dollar amount and I reserve the right to refuse your bid if I don't feel you're suitable for the role or information comes to light during the screening check that suggests to Me that you are not the right candidate for the role.


If the winning bidder does not pay for their position by the due date, the second highest bidder will be offered the position (on the condition that they meet all other criteria).

All attendees are required to be fully vaccinated. 

If you have any further questions please reach out via the email above. 

The Event

On Saturday the 27th of November, 2021, I will be hosting a cocktail soirée at my private studio for some of Melbourne's top Pro Dominas. It will be an opportunity to connect, to celebrate, to brush off the year that was and look forward to bigger and brighter things.

To make the evening as enjoyable and carefree as possible I have decided to put up for auction a select number of opportunities for service slaves and submissives who would love nothing more than to spend a few hours in formal service to a group of beautiful, dominant women. 

Let me be clear from the get go - this is not a play party environment - the only interactions you will be having with the Dominas present is in the form of SERVICE and/or as part of the decor. You will get nothing in return for your labour other than the sheer pleasure of seeing us enjoying each other's company and helping to facilitate a seamless event. 

Of course an opportunity like this isn't something that can just be given away - having access to a private event of this calibre is a luxury and an opportunity not to be missed - and the lucky few WILL be paying for the privilege.

The 3 positions below will be auctioned off - the highest bidder wins (with other caveats attached). The tribute for each position will be a reflection of your dedication to the role, your understanding of the unprecedented privilege of which you are being given and your desire to contribute to the quality of the evening (tributes will cover catering costs).


The Positions

Food and Drink Service Slave/s

  • Responsible for the service of drinks and food throughout the evening, which may include the mixing of drinks and managing food preparation. 

  • Clearing of empty plates and glasses as necessary and keeping the kitchen space clean.

  • Being at the Dominas' beck and call.  

  • Post event cleaning. 

  • 4-5 hour commitment which will require pre-event training (1hr). 

Human Furniture

  • To be made available as necessary in the role of table, chair, footstool, drinks holder etc. 

  • No speaking unless spoken to. 

  • Only suitable for a sub who is physically able to remain still for extended periods of time (you will be cycled through a variety of positions and any limitations will be taken into consideration).

  • 3-4 hour commitment.

Caged Gimp

  • Purely for aesthetic purposes.

  • No interaction to be expected, however if any Domina chooses to poke you, you will consider yourself lucky. 

  • Blindfolded and placed in chastity. 

  • Locked in lie down cage for the duration of the event. 

  • 3-4 hour commitment. 

The Details


The soirée will be held on Saturday the 27th of November between 5-8pm in the CBD. 


Bidding for the positions will take place the week of the 1st - 7th of November with more details to be announced in the lead up on this site and on Twitter.


For the positions to be allocated, I will require further screening information. I reserve the right to decline the highest bidder if other criteria aren't met.

There is also the opportunity to contribute to the event without bidding for a position - tributes of any amount can be made via Beem It to @lafemmeterrible with 'soirée' in the description. 

If you have any questions that might help you ascertain your suitability for one of the above positions, you can contact me at contact@mistressfatale and put 'service positions' in the subject bar.