The driving force behind creating my own play space was to have the flexibility to extend beyond the standard 'by the hour' style of play. While I love focused, intense sessions, I also enjoy the space to ebb and flow. Below you will find a selection of session types from the most basic 'in and out' to the extended luxury of a whole day affair.

If you'd like to mix it up a little bit you can also request a bespoke session, incorporating elements from 2 or more session types - perhaps a couple of hours of play, followed by extended confinement, finishing off with some social time. 

While I don't typically offer night sessions, some of my 8/10 hour commitments will inevitably flow into the evening. I have added the option of overnight lockup/confinement onto those session types for those of you who'd like to experience the ultimate in extended submission. At this time stand alone overnights are not available.

Virtual sessions are not always available and will be dependant on other scheduling commitments. To request an online session please email me at contact@mistressfatale.com with 'Virtual Session' in the subject bar. You are not required to fill out the submission form on this site.




from 50 / 15min

By the hour, half/full day, weekly rates available - enquire via email.




80 / 15min

150 / h/h

250 / 1hr



250 / h/h

350 / 1hr

Online sessions are available 7 days a week, between 9am - 9pm (text and phone only, face to face limited). Bookings via email only. A 25% deposit is required to secure the booking (if scheduling a future date), with the remainder to be paid no less than 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If booking a same day session the full fee will be required at confirmation. 

Payments to be made via Beem (preferred), or in advance via transfer or gift card (limited).

Cancellations subject to the same terms as in person sessions.









pre booking consultation

Phone: 50/10 -15mins

In person: 150 h/h

Short, in person meet or phone call to establish compatibility or discuss your needs before booking a session.

short and sharp

250 h/h

350 /1hr

Basic session with only light domination (or none), no fetish attire and no release. Suitable for corporal punishment, ball busting and foot fetish only. 

by the hour





One hour sessions are suitable only for light to medium content such as protocol training, corporal punishment, basic CBT. Anything requiring involved set up, set down and cleaning will not be available for this length session. 

Sessions longer than 3 hours will be priced individually.

extended bondage or confinement

150 /hr

+ 100 for full mummification

Caged or bound. No additional play. 


Between 9am - 9pm (4 hr min for stand alone confinement).

May also be incorporated into a traditional scene (3 hours play + 3 hours bondage)

An overnight stay is possible for commitments of 10/12 hours for an additional $1200

extended service/slavery


service slave

1000 / 4hr

1800 / 8hr


These sessions are strictly service orientated and do not include traditional session activities. You can expect to be put to work for the duration of our time together engaging in tasks such as: 


Orientation and protocol training

General dungeon cleaning duties

Leather and latex care

Food shopping and meal preparation

Other tasks at my discretion


Whilst I will be present for the duration, I will be focused on other activities. You will be loosely supervised and receive further instruction and/or correction at my discretion, however, you will not expect more than what is required to successfully fulfil your duties. 


If you wish to include some traditional play time, this can be included by negotiation with 10% off my standard rates. 


Commitments of 5 hours will include light refreshments, 10 hours will include wind down/relaxation time at the end of service including sharing a meal and the possibility of foot service, informal chat, confinement etc. 


An overnight stay is possible on 10 hour commitments for an additional $1200. This would include the majority of service hours performed during day one, with overnight confinement (approx. 10pm to 6am), followed by the remaining 1-2 hours for breakfast/cleanup service. 


toilet slave

600 / 4hr

1000 / 8hr


As the name suggests, you will be used in place of my toilet bowl for the duration of the allocated time - urine only. You will be chained/confined for the duration and only be attended to as required by me. 


I will be focused on other activities during your stay which may (or may not)  include taking other sessions. Adding standard session time is possible by negotiation at my full rate.


You may add overnight confinement (approx.10pm to 8am) to a full day commitment for an additional $1600.


social hour/s with session 


200 /hr + expenses

Add a social hour (or two) onto a session. If you enjoy some downtime with your kink add some time on at a reduced hourly rate to ease into, take a break or, come down from the session. 



social hour/s without session

300 / 1hr

500 / 2hr

Drink, lunch/dinner, shopping + expenses


cash meets

350 minimum


(plus 150 booking fee)

CBD only


Please see my availability + bookings page for more information or apply here.