by the hour





+ One hour sessions are generally only available to my regulars or for basic corporal punishment. 

++ Sessions longer than 3 hours will be priced individually.

+++ These prices are all inclusive but additional fees may be incurred for very elaborate scenes + additional participants.

pre booking consultation

Short, in person meet or phone call to establish compatibility or discuss your needs before booking a session.

Phone: 50/10 -15mins

In person: 150 h/h (CBD only)

short and sharp  


Basic session with no domination, no fetish attire and no release. Suitable for corporal punishment, ball busting and foot fetish only. 


250 h/h

350 /1hr

50% deposit required when booking.

extended bondage or confinement

Caged or bound. No additional play. 


Between 9am - 9pm (3 hr min)

 150 /hr

+ 100 for full mummification

++ may also be incorporated into a traditional scene (3 hours play + 3 hours bondage)


social hour/s with session 


Add a social hour (or two) onto a session. If you enjoy some downtime with your kink add some time on at a reduced hourly rate to ease into, take a break from, or come down from the session. A leisurely chat and drink before we start, a spot of lunch or shopping in the middle, a cocktail or dinner after? 


200 /hr


(plus expenses)

social hour/s without session


Drink, lunch/dinner, shopping


300 /1h

500 /2h

(plus expenses)


cash meets

350 minimum


 (plus 150 booking fee)

CBD only


Please see my availability + bookings page for more information or apply here.