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The impetus behind creating my own play space was to have the flexibility to extend beyond the standard 'by the hour' style of play. While I love focused, intense sessions, I also enjoy the space to ebb and flow. Below you will find a selection of session types from the most basic 'in and out' to the extended luxury of a multi day affair.

I offer short and sharp (30/60min) sessions for the dedicated masochist only (corporal/impact) and a minimum of 2 hours for all other scenes. You can also request a bespoke session, incorporating elements from 2 or more session types - a couple of hours of play, followed by extended confinement, finishing off with some social time. 

While I don't offer evening sessions, some of my full day commitments will inevitably end late. I have added the option of overnight confinement onto those session types for those of you who'd like to experience the ultimate in extended submission. At this time stand alone overnights are not available. Please note that overnight confinement is only available if we have met before. 

At this time outcalls and FMTY are not available.




[ pre booking consultation ]

Phone: $50/10 -15mins

Short phone call to establish compatibility or discuss your interests before booking a session.

[ short and sharp ]

$300 h/h

$400 /1hr

Simple corporal punishment/impact session, light to heavy.

[ standard session ]

$900 / 2h

$1200 / 3h

Sessions longer than 3 hours will be priced individually dependent on content.

For heavy rubber scenes please add an additional flat rate of $200.

[extended confinement]

Bondage / Lock and Leave / Objectification

This session type does not include standard activities and by definition involves extended periods of isolation. I will be paying scant to zero attention to you, other than the occasional check in or position change. You may take it stand alone or as an addition to a regular session. 

$200 / per hour when included with a session (2 hr minimum).

$250 / per hour with no session (4 hr minimum).​


[ immersive submission training ]


$2500 / Full Day (8hrs)

$3500 / with overnight confinement (8hrs)

Immersive submission sessions will be uniquely tailored to you and may include any or all of the below activities.

Introduction, protocol training.

Initiation into a selection of my favourite dungeon activities.

Period/s of bondage/confinement.

In dungeon or external shared meal/s.

Personal service induction (food service, shopping, foot massage etc).


8hrs can be taken on day one or broken up into 4hrs/overnight/4hrs. Extra days can be added by negotiation.


[ toilet slave ]

$600 / 4hr

$1000 / 8hr


As the name suggests, you will be used in place of my toilet bowl for the duration of the allocated time - urine only. You will be chained/confined for the duration and only be attended to as required by me. 


I will be focused on other activities during your stay which may (or may not)  include taking other sessions. Adding standard session time is possible by negotiation at my full rate.


You may add overnight confinement (approx.10pm to 8am) to a full day commitment for an additional $1600.



  [ social time ] 


Add a social hour (or two) onto a session. If you enjoy some downtime with your kink add some time on at a reduced hourly rate to ease into, take a break or, come down from the session. 


$200 /hr + expenses



stand alone (no session)

$300 / 1hr

$500 / 2hr

$600 / Half Day

$1000 /  Full Day

Drink, lunch/dinner, shopping, gallery/show


 + all expenses paid


[ cash meets ]

$350 minimum


(plus $150 booking fee)

CBD only


Please see my availability + bookings page for more information or apply here.

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