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Judicial / Cold Caning: 15 mins/$250  (no shower, no warm up, straight in and out).


Corporal Punishment: 30min/$300 or 1hr/$450


Standard FemDom Session: 1hr/$550, 1.5hr/$750 or 2hr/$950 (light to medium activities - please see 'Deluxe' sessions for more advanced content).


Milking Machine Session: 1.5hr/$750


Bi Play Session (with male participant): 1hr/$650 or 1.5hr/$850


Immersive Bondage / Heavy Rubber / Machine Sex / Advanced Medical: 3 hrs/$1'500 or 4 hrs/$1850

Full immersion session including multiple activities and heavy gear usage including leather/rubber heavy bondage (hoods/rebreathers/vacbed/inflatables), Serious Kit Milking Machine, F* Machine, and advanced medical scenarios*.

* Advanced medical play is optional, or can be the focus of the session. In this context it involves more advanced techniques such as saline infusions, staples, catheterisation, heavy needle play, hooks, bladder irrigation + enemas.

Sessions longer than 4 will necessitate a break for me, but can be negotiated and may include shared downtime or ongoing bondage.


Overnight Luxury Bondage: $4'000 (6pm onward)

Accommodation in a Crown Towers Luxury Villa (included in price).

Approx 5 hours for drinks*/dinner** and domination.

Overnight in heavy bondage.

Shared breakfast.

*Crystal Club access inlcuded

**Dinner on you


Confinement / Lock and Leave / Objectification: $200 p/h

This session type does not include standard activities and by definition involves extended periods of isolation. 4 hours minimum.


Toilet Slavery: 4hrs/$1'000 or 8hrs /$1'500


You will be used in place of my toilet bowl for the duration of the allocated time - urine only. You will be chained/confined for the whole time and only be attended to as required by me. 


I will be focused on other activities during your stay which may include taking other sessions. Adding standard session time is possible by negotiation at my full rate.


Isolation + Torment : $1'800 (8 hrs)

Spend a day in inescapable bondage with sporadic torments sprinkled throughout.

Suitable only for people who enjoy the challenge of extended periods of isolation. Predicaments will be rotated as needed with hourly check ins (incl. short periods of play).


Immersive Submission Training: $2'750 (8 hrs)

Immersive submission sessions will be uniquely tailored to you and may include any or all of the below activities.

Introduction, protocol training.

Initiation into a selection of my favourite dungeon activities.

Period/s of bondage/confinement.

In dungeon or external shared meal.

Please see my availability + bookings page for more information or apply here.

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