"Finding a Dominatrix with whom you click with is so much
more meaningful than choosing one
based on how good
she looks

No doubt, attraction is part of the equation, but finding common ground in our kinks and style of D/s will make for a much more dynamic exchange.  

My approach to BDSM is deeply psychological, meaning I’m more interested in what’s going on in your head than what’s going on in your pants. My ultimate goal is to facilitate a transformative experience, one in which we are both active participants. I typically do this by approaching my sessions in one of two ways: from the perspective of behaviour modification and/or catharsis through ordeal. 

Ideally, both of these approaches elicit a response that lasts longer than the time we spend together in the room. The idea of behaviour modification is that we explore ways to change behavioural patterns through the use of punishment and reward (operant conditioning), with the goal being an improvement in one's psychological and emotional wellbeing. With catharsis through ordeal, we seek a release of emotions and endorphins that can come from pushing yourself through intense physical or psychological experiences, ideally resulting in a feeling of relief or release - catharsis.

"The contexts in which I create these experiences,
usually fall into one of three styles of session;
traditional (Fem) domination, discipline (roleplay),
fetish scenes."

Although they are separately defined, they have many elements that cross over and the definition is probably more specific to how I present in session i.e. traditional Dominatrix, disciplinarian (teacher/ boss, doctor/therapist, etc.) or fetishist (with or without D/s dynamic). 

With many years of experience, my range of skills and interests is broad and I am able to cater to a wide variety of sessions. I do, however, have certain activities that I preference over others and I seek to connect with those of you who share similar interests. For your reference, my preferred sessions include:

 + Bondage (leather, latex, rope, chain, plastic, stockings etc)

 + Sensory Deprivation/Overload

 + Mummification - 2 hr minimum

 + Breath Play

 + Corporal Punishment (spanking, paddles, strap, cane, etc)

 + Impact Play

 + CBT & Nipple Play (sensual to extreme)

 + Medical Scenes

 + Needles/Sounds

 + Electroplay (E-stim, Violet Wand)

 + Milking (Serious Kit Machine) - 1.5 hr minimum

 + Rubber/Latex Fetish

 + Humiliation/Degradation

 + Anal Play (pegging, prostate stimulation, fisting)

 + Service Slave Training 

Please be aware that in person sessions with me will involve a certain level of intense physical engagement. That doesn't have to mean 'pain' per se (although I LOVE that), but they are focused on more traditional BDSM practices vs sensual/light domination scenes. 

For lighter, verbal focused scenes - please consider my virtual sessions. 

This list isn't exhaustive. If you don't see something you're interested in, feel free to enquire as to its availability. Before doing so, please consider the session types I don't offer:

Goddess worship + scripted scenes + body worship + nudity + sex + anything ending in 'job' + brown showers. 

© Mistress Audrey Fatale - Professional Dominatrix. Melbourne, Australia