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My approach to BDSM is rooted in the psychological, meaning, for the most part, I’m more interested in what’s going on in your head than what’s going on in your pants. 

While sexual arousal is almost always present in my scenes, (and fully exploited to achieve my goals), I'm primarily focused on creating a wholistic experience in which you will experience the full gamut of feelings and sensations; fear AND ecstasy,  pleasure AND pain.


Put simply, I'm not a tie and tease Mistress. 


Having played both professionally and privately for over 12 years my experience is broad and ever evolving, however, my core kinks of immersive bondage, sadomasochism and heavy rubber fetishism inform the structure of my practice today and I choose my clients based upon a mutual interest in these activities.


These interests also necessitate a certain level of time and commitment to be fully realised - for that reason I have a 2hr minimum for most of my sessions. The only exception I make is for dedicated masochists (corporal punishment + impact play), whom I'm more than happy to entertain for a short and sharp 30/60 minute scene.

While I tend to lean towards more intense styles of play, that doesn't mean that the activities there-within can't be catered to all experience levels. If you are new to professional BDSM or have minimal experience, I will work with where you're at and tailor the session specifically to you. The only requirement I have of you is that you're interested in exploring the types of activities that I offer. 



Every session I do is different and the dynamic between myself and each client, unique. Every session will be a collaboration between the two of us, highlighting your particular areas of interest. The list below will give you an overview of my favourite session activities to help you get a feel as to whether or not we might be a good match. 

If you're still not sure, perhaps the list of things I DON'T offer will provide the clarity you need. 



 + Bondage (leather, latex, rope, chain, plastic, stockings etc)

 + Sensory Deprivation/Overload

 + Corporal Punishment (spanking, paddles, strap, cane, etc)

 + Impact Play (face slapping, ball busting etc)

 + Breath Play

 + CBT & Nipple Play (sensual to extreme)

 + Medical Scenes

 + Needles/Sounds

 + Electroplay (E-stim, Violet Wand)

 + Milking (Serious Kit Machine) / F*cking Machine

 + Heavy Rubber/Latex Fetish

 + Leather Fetish

 + Extended Confinement/Lock and Leave

 + Extended / Multi-day Sessions

 Session types I don't offer:

 + Intimate tie and tease

 + Stand alone foot worship (maybe included as a reward at my discretion).

 + Scripted scenes

 + Hard sports

 + Body worship


 + Nudity

 + Sex  


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