Breaking In The Brat.

I was most amused, after introducing my new female submissive on Twitter yesterday, to receive an influx of subscribers to my website. I happened to mention that new information would be forthcoming via my site and whilst I was not surprised it piqued people's interest, I was a bit surprised (and entertained) by the fact that some people who are ALREADY members of my site, signed up AGAIN (no doubt fearing they'd missed something)!

I've been working quietly behind the scenes with this one for the last 12 months, personally and professionally, developing her skills and our bond. She's been a handful, to say the least, but I finally have her trained to my exacting standards and I'm ready to share her with you.

What that means, dear client, is you now have the opportunity to spend some quality time not just with me, but with me and my favourite plaything! Just imagine the possibilities...

Now before you get too excited, I need to be clear from the get go, sub Danielle is not a full service provider! Yes, she loves getting her gear off; strutting around naked (have you seen that body???); she adores getting spanked by her Mistress (and sometimes by naughty boys too); she's very receptive to any pleasures her Mistress might dish out (think vibrators, strap-ons and nipple clamps) and on her Mistress' instructions (and only with those well enough behaved), she's even partial to some intimate attention.

As I alluded to earlier, she can be a bit of a handful, she's bratty if you like. She has on occasions intimated that one day she might like to be trained as a Dominatrix. She's got a long way to go, but, as an occasional reward, I am willing to indulge her bratty tendencies and teach her a lesson or two on a willing male sub. How does that tickle your fancy?

So now you're all hot under the collar and imagining all the wicked scenarios: how can you turn this fantasy into reality? Like all of my sessions the details are worked out on a case by case basis. When can it happen? How long for? What can we do? How much will it cost? Those things are all to be negotiated between the three of us when you take the plunge. Please take note, booking a session with both of us will require advance planning and a deposit to secure the session, no exceptions.

What more could you ask for? A beautiful, strict, Alpha Female combined with the nubile, sensual pandering of a feisty young thing, oh so eager to please...

© Mistress Audrey Fatale - Professional Dominatrix. Melbourne, Australia