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Cross Dressing and Assorted Kinks

Recently, I was lucky enough to inherit some wonderful gear and equipment from the recently retired, but eternally amazing Dominatrix, Lady Ambrosia. Amongst all the delicious heavy bondage and rubber gear (dreamy), she gifted me her entire cross-dressing wardrobe.

I'm not going to lie, cross-dressing (and all its iterations) has been something I've vaguely avoided for a lot of my career. You might assume that, in comparison to a lot of other things we might do, this would be a pretty easy gig - playing with some clothes and make-up - easy money. But in reality it isn't that simple.

In my early career I sensed that I was out of my depth when working with those clients, I didn't know what questions to ask, other than the usual - what activities would you like to do and what are your limits? I certainly didn't have the knowledge or language to dig deeper into their motivations - the feelings they wanted to explore, the different expressions of femininity that resonated with them - I didn't even know the difference between feminisation and sissification.

Over the years, some of my regulars have expressed a desire to incorporate some type of CD play into our scenes which I've been happy to accomodate, but it's either been during my in-house years (with a fully equipped cross-dressing room), or, since becoming independent, with their own outfits that they've brought along.

For more reasons than one, the timing of these new acquisitions has been fortuitous - not the least of which is that, over the last few months, I've been thinking long and hard about introducing gender play into my offerings for clients. But as with many things in this game, it requires stuff - and lots of it; styles, sizes, fabrics, underwear/outerwear, wigs, make-up etc... it was all a little bit overwhelming and subsequently I wasn't making much progress. And then, as is the way of things that are meant to be, this generous gift landed in my lap at just the right time.

During our recent lockdown I've spent some time going through everything and getting things organised, and I have to say that I am so excited about incorporating this new element of play into my repertoire. As someone who is very visual and turned on by the aesthetics of classic BDSM and fetish stylings, I can already see how my own personal stylistic leanings will heavily influence how I play in this arena. And, as a rubber fetishist, I am now aspiring to combine these elements into the ultimate manifestation of my desires - the rubber doll - oh, the possibilities!

In these fragile times I'm glad to have things to keep my wicked mind entertained and I hope they serve as some fodder for you, too. I'm looking forward to exploring this new element with some of my current subs and masochists - and I'm hopeful there might be some new relationships that blossom from this evolution. You never know, maybe that's you?


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