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Kink In The Time Of Covid

I've decided to share my March newsletter which is normally only sent to subscribers - but the content is relevant to anyone who might be considering a session now or in the near future.

Two weeks ago I was drafting my March newsletter in my mind, wondering how I was going to fit it all in. I was resigned to writing another missive, sharing all of the exciting plans and adventures afoot. Then everything changed.

I've decided to keep this one short and sweet, because really, you've probably got bigger fish to fry. But I wanted to touch base with you briefly, to let you know where things stand at this present moment in time in regards to sessions, availability and all things considered.

Without a doubt, sex workers are suffering enormously right now, but from what I can tell, so are most people. We're all trying to weigh up what the right thing to do is, which isn't always in line with what the best thing to do is. All of us are assessing and reassessing, as the hours pass, trying to make decisions based on the greater good and on our own personal needs.

Unfortunately, there's no blue print for times like these and only on reflection we will know if we made the best decision (or not) under very trying circumstances.

As of 5pm on Thursday, 19 March 2020, I am still offering sessions to established clients only, if:

1. You are in good health.

2. You have not come into direct contact with anyone from overseas in the last 2 weeks.


3. You have been practicing self isolation (other than essential needs work/food etc).

I can assure you that if I am conducting a session, I apply the same criteria to myself. On top of this, every other conceivable precaution will be taken (and expected to be taken) in regards to hand washing, showering, sanitising and the use of medical grade disinfectant, etc.

I will also be relaxing my cancellation policy (which I generally don't apply to regulars), meaning cancelling a session at the last minute under these circumstances is A-OK! A little sniffle? Let's call this baby off!

I think all of us know what a godsend kink and BDSM play is in times of stress, so it can be doubly frustrating to be restricted from the very thing that will relieve both anxiety and boredom when it's needed the most.

As mentioned in my last newsletter, I am also available for online and phone chats, if you feel that would suffice in these circumstances, but again, at this time I am only offering that to clients I've met in person and content will be at my discretion.

As I write this I am also working on updating my website and announcing a very exciting collaboration with a very sexy (full service) submissive. Even if we don't meet in person over the coming weeks or months, I'd love for you to stay interested and engaged, check back for updates on my website and Twitter and plan for the time we are able to meet again!

All the very best for now,

Mistress Audrey Fatale


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