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So You Want To Be Milked?

My Serious Kit Milking Machine brings in more enquiries from prospective clients than any other session type or activity that I offer.

This must be a good thing, right? I bought the machine after all - I enjoy using it and promote it heavily on social media - so, why is it that it also turns out to be the session request that I am most likely to turn down?

The answer is context and nuance - both of which can be difficult to articulate in social media sound bites or highly curated website copy - and because there is a very large cohort of men, who neither recognise, nor care for, that level of complexity when seeking an experience with a 'service provider'.

As with all of my interactions with prospective new clients, the first thing I do is read between the lines - yes, this is subjective and (potentially) ripe for misrepresentation but years of experience do equip one with a feel for intention, understanding and compatibility.

For example, starting off an email with "Hey Audrey" vs "Dear Mistress Audrey/Fatale", already tells me a lot about someone and their understanding of, and respect for, playing with power in a BDSM context.

Another thing I look for, when considering a session request, is what else they ask for - is it just a session with the milking machine "Hey Audrey, I saw you have a milking machine and I'd like a session with it" vs "Dear Mistress, I'm interested in a session with you. I enjoy bondage, CBT, protocol training, spanking, _________ (fill in the blank), and I'm also interested in trying the milking machine".

One request tells me that they're looking for an experience (being milked), but the context isn't so important, and the other tells me they're looking for a more contextual and nuanced experience; one that is couched in the framework of a BDSM session with a Dominatrix - it's object focused (penis/machine) versus person focused (Me).

I can (and occasionally do) give some leeway in regards to differences in styles of communication - there tends to be an age based gulf in how someone approaches an exchange - but, at the same time, I'm not interested in digging for something that quite often just isn't there. ...And I like saying no.

So, that was a long winded way of saying I made a video about it - it's 20 straight minutes of me talking about the Serious Kit milking machine and how I like to use it in session, with me, a Dominatrix!



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