"I invite you to think outside the box. Put aside your preconceived

ideas of what a 'professional'

session might involve

and open your self up

to a  new reality."

As an independent Dominatrix, my ultimate goal is to create an experience that sits outside of the ordinary.  That's why, in late 2019, I made the move from being an in house Mistress, to be coming fully independent. My intention in doing this was to open us up to the potentiality of a greater, more meaningful exchange; to add value to the experience of seeing me by giving more consideration to things that make the difference between an okay session and a great one, to find different ways of exploring our kinks, together. 

While still honouring the 'by the hour' nature of the business, more and more I'm finding (and desiring) relationships that evolve into something more meaningful overtime, ones in which the drive to explore real power exchange overrides the desire for a quick fix. That's not  to say I can't (and don't) enjoy fly by night beatings and uncomplicated perversions, it's just that getting the best of me means getting to know me. 

"I don't do things by rote as a Mistress, nor do I demand immediate acquiescence. Sure, I can role play with the best of them, but if you're seeking something a little deeper, that's going to require time and dedication from both of us." 

While the current state of Victorian laws require that I work from a licensed venue, I am currently offering my sessions from a modern, well equipped dungeon space in a discreet and modern establishment. This is generally where I offer sessions to all new clients and for sessions up to 3 hours long requiring a traditional dungeon setting/equipment.  For those who prefer a less traditional setting, there is also the option of a more neutral space, for the likes of domestic scenes and role-plays and for the occasions in which we might include the addition of more bodies. 

If/when we have an established relationship, things can start to open up for us in regards to how we play and the possibility of other venues, extended scenes, lifestyle, patronage, contracts etc, all become feasible.




"I don't follow a script when it comes to dealing with individuals, rather, I encourage the unique dynamic I have with each of you to flourish according to our needs and wants."

On the point of individuality, while this website and my general presentation is informed by traditional Female Domination (D/s, M/s), I truly welcome and encourage players who identify as masochists or fetishists (without D/s dynamics) to reach out too. The crux of what I do, as a Dominatrix, is to create intense, transformative experiences - psychical and mental - and as long as we enter into those spaces consciously and intentionally (not via topping from the bottom), we can meet in a mutually fulfilling space.

© Mistress Audrey Fatale - Professional Dominatrix. Melbourne, Australia