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I have no more availability remaining for 2020. If you wish to be considered for a session in the new year, apply below.

If you are ready to enquire about a booking and have read all of the information on this site, please fill out the form below. All new clients MUST use this form for the initial stage of the booking process. 

If we have met before you are welcome to email me directly.

Please note, a session application does not equal a session booking. I have a very limited number of spaces available for new clients, as it's my preference to nurture ongoing engagements, so I will be looking for submissions that pique my interest and align with my style of play. 

If you are not ready to commit to a booking but have a genuine question about something, please email me here. I am happy to answer your questions or allay any concerns you may have, however, pre session discussions will remain at a minimum until a deposit is secured.

Please note that I do all of my session scheduling and planning via email. If that presents an issue for you, you may request a paid phone consultation before proceeding with a booking.

Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you don't receive a reply in your inbox. If your spam folder automatically clears after 30 days, you may have missed my response - please try again. If your application didn't provide the the information I asked for, you most likely would not have received a response.

S E S S I O N  A P P L I C A T I O N 

Where Did You Find Me?
How Much Experience Do You Have?
How Do You Identify?
Age Group
What Type of Setting Do You Prefer
Session Length
Location of Session
Would You Like a Pre Session Phone Consultation (Paid)?
Please provide your preference for day, date and time if you have specific intentions (ie Wednesday 2nd Dec @ 2pm) or an outline of your preferred options if flexible  (ie weekday/weekend, next week, morning preferred).
Please list any hard limits you may have and any other limitations that might be pertinent to a BDSM scene ie injuries, illness (physical + mental).
Please provide details below of the type of session you are interested in having with me, including the type of activities you would like to explore, the style of session you would like ie strict, relaxed, (high or low protocol), introductory, traditional Femdom, cerebral, physical, intense, playful etc and, how you want to FEEL during/after our time together ie challenged, owned, used/abused, humiliated, supported, encouraged, dirty etc. The more thought you can put into these questions and articulate to me, the better the eventual outcome. 

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