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...Wow! There is so much to share about our session today.


In many ways that was a perfect session for me and I am excited that we were able to experience that so early into our connection.

I certainly did not expect the bondage to be at the level you surprised me with today. I enjoyed feeling helpless and of not being able to resist while you added layer after layer - the heaviness of your bondage. I enjoy play reaching those levels and exploring fear and panic with a connection I trust.

Connection for me has always been based on the mental aspect of play. Today the psychological play really made the entire  experience amazing. This may seem like a small thing but it added so much to the experience.


- D



...I have had the privilege of having multiple sessions with Mistress Audrey and each session has been an amazing pleasure & pain ride for me. Ms Audrey is truly the best in this business. She has the ability to quickly figure out what clicks for her sub and she delivers an extraordinary session every single time. She is at the top of her art, be it impact play, humiliation, bondage or breath play !! 


As a heavy face slapping & hand fetishist myself, I have found ultimate pleasure in her face slapping. She delivers the perfect slaps with the right intensity & accuracy (and with style ) that keeps you craving for more. Her super soft, well manicured hands are too good to resist a slow & devoted hand worship. She has that dominant gaze that can truly hypnotise her sub & her energy is irresistible. 


A sub/masochist who has not experienced her domination is missing out big time on this privileged



Here’s me hoping for years and years of sadistic, stinging, hard face slapping at your hands Mistress, thank You.


- slapboy   



...I have recently submitted to Mistress Fatale for the second time. An absolutely amazing Mistress and a very attractive and wonderful lady who dresses and presents to impress. 


On being re-educated on to how to present myself, and then, numerous painful dick slaps, (I assume as punishment for my forgetfulness), I was dressed in slutty red lingerie, positioned for my first ever anal flush, followed by being immobilised and catheterised.

The milking machine was attached, electrics to anal plug, balls and dick, then all switched on. 

Then to add further humiliation, I was force fed two quantities of Mistresses purposely tainted urine. 

So many different sensations and so high in intensity for such a long period - I have never experienced anything like it before. 

What an amazing session Mistress, I don't know how you could ever top that. 

Thank you so much,  (I think).


- slutty ben



...I have been in and out of the BDSM scene for over 20 years now and recently had a session with Mistress Audrey, WOW, Mistress Audrey takes you back to the golden era of BDSM, back to the days of The House of Domination and The Correction Centre.

I recently booked a three hour session with Mistress Audrey and from the moment I walked through her door I felt at ease and connected to my purpose as to why I was there to serve her. Mistress Audrey is everything and more, she is one of the most beautiful Mistress’s I have ever served or seen, words cant describe how beautiful she really is, she is perfect, stunning, intelligent.

When I submit I have to open my heart and mind and it's very rare that a Mistress was ever able to take my heart and mind and submit it to them, Mistress was able to do that for me in the time I was with her. For those three hours I was able to forget about my world and be in the world of Mistress Audrey, I could not fault my session whatsoever, it was everything and more.

What I am about to write is hard for me as I have been living with bi curious tendencies for many years now and have never acted upon them but with minutes of my session with Mistress Audrey she was able to pick up on my bi curious tendencies and my want to please other men in front of her, no one has ever been able to do that and I will be forever thankful to Mistress.

- slave m



...Dear Mistress, o desires nothing more than to be a source of inspiration and imagination for such a beautiful Mistress. It appreciates it is a wannabe but hopes that with the right training it will be Worthy of Your Presence. It seeks to be a true slave to You and whomever you deign worthy of sharing me with. 

There is a deep sense of freedom you provide o.

Thank you.


- slave o



...As I entered and met Mistress Audrey, I was mesmerised by her personality - she radiates Domination. Her studio is spacious, has great ambience and an amazing collection of fetish gear (the best I have seen) - perfectly designed for a variety of play. Mistress Audrey is extremely professional, considerate and very knowledgeable in BDSM, she seamlessly used the information I had provided to carve out a perfect session for me, covering all my likes and even adding a few  surprises that blew me away.


I will be back for many more sessions to explore our D/s connection. Once again thank you Mistress Audrey for an amazing session.

- sb



...Thank you Mistress for the amazing time together as always. You have this intuition on how to test me, take me further and and make me 1 part terrified and 9 parts excited about the next opportunity to spend time together.


For anyone seeking a Mistress like I had tried for years - if you are tired of theatrics and long for a connection that doesn’t feel like a performance; a connection that that deepens over time, taking you places you had only dreamed - then seek no further. Mistress Fatale’s attention to detail is welcomed but it is the care she deploys before, during and after that feeds a longing to open up wider and deeper than ever before to her every whim that won my devotion.

- A4P




...I have sessioned with Mistress Audrey on several occasions – spread out over quite a number of years for various reasons. I recently reconnected with Her,  and I most fervently hope that 2022 and beyond bring many sessions and much servitude.  I have sessioned with many over the past decades, but from the first moments of being in Her presence I felt Mistress Audrey to be a Domme apart.


One of the most important aspects of D/S for me is authenticity. Mistress Audrey clearly has a real passion for D/S and the myriad fetishes that are part of it. Beauty (many may not believe it but Her photos I don’t think really do the full measure of justice), intelligence, sophistication, wickedness, and skill. Mistress has it all. She has the ability to get into your psyche and deliver a session that will find your D/S hot spots. But, She will do it on Her terms..which to me is far, far hotter than a rote catering to a sub.


When Mistress Audrey speaks of Her sadistic side, you best believe She has it for real.  She clearly delights in the power She has, and the connection with submissive needs. To be trembling before Her with a heady mixture of fear and overwhelming gratitude for being in Her presence is something I long for on a daily basis.  

- bitch




...The secret to Audrey Fatale's appeal is that it is universal, irresistible, and constantly compounding - the more aware of Her you are, the more helpless you become. 


- P

...I am struggling to find the words to describe the experience of being encased in the Vac-Sac. It was everything and more than that I thought it would be. The feeling  of the latex moulding around me as the air was expelled was delightful.  To be completely encased in it, blind and virtually immobilised, heightened all the other senses. The feel of your finger tips and the iced water running over my body was bliss, as was your soft trampling of my neither regions. 



...Mistress Audrey is intelligent, professional and not to mention a drop dead gorgeous Rubber Queen! She will have you on your knees and shape you into the perfect submissive for her from the moment you meet her!

- M

...This sounds like a romance magazine confession - I would like to say how wonderful this afternoon's experience has been for myself. Your life experiences, caring, consideration and conversation, to set the scenario for the exploration, resulted in an experience far better than I had anticipated. I left the studio wanting more, in anticipation of our next occasion and with an afterglow that lasted all night.


- J

...Over the last three years I have had the honour and privilege of being one of Mistress Audrey's subjects. Mistress Audrey is like her namesake; intelligent, mysterious and stunningly beautiful.


Mistress Audrey has always pushed the limits of my fetishes, desires and imagination through a mixture of physical and psychological methods, while respecting my hard limits.


When it suits Her, Mistress Audrey can be the classic dominatrix and sadistically whip, paddle and/or smack me until I cry  "Mercy! " On the other hand she can, through a smile and gentle but firm persuasions, have me beg her to use the violet wand on my nether regions or allow me to lick Her boots clean.


Every session with Mistress Audrey has been a mind expanding experience. 

I cannot wait until She summons me again.



...Mistress Audrey starts with a firm but slow hand spanking on my arse. As I warm up, she picks up the speed and force until the pain was pretty severe.  Once she is satisfied that her target is at an appropriate temperature, she uses various implements from straps to canes slowly building up the pressure. The smile on her face is getting bigger the longer the session continues.  She stops very regularly to ensure that I am comfortable with her actions. But she will ensure that you have reached your limit before she stops hurting you.  


Her skills are far from just limited to corporal punishment sessions. You know from the start of the session that she is in charge.  You will submit to her and do whatever she wants. This could put you in very strenuous bondage or enclosed in a vac bed or have any of her very extensive range of toys  used on you.   A session with her milking machine is something that can’t be missed.  The feelings that you get from this experience are amazing.


- K

...Aunty Audrey wields her many canes, including the dreaded Dragon Cane, with the skill of an Olympic Fencer, who has just won the Olympic Fencing Gold Medal for the 4th consecutive time. Her skill with rope, knots and bondage, leaves poor Prudence in a very knotty conundrum from which even Houdini would have been unable to escape. 

- Prudence Jane, The Town Bike

...It's tough for me to describe my sessions with Mistress Fatale as words will not do justice by any means. But if I have to, innovative and sincere, are the two words that first come to my mind. The way the session starts with me in the prostrate position at her feet and Mistress circling me and examining me with her stilettos sets up the tempo. I really feel blessed when Mistress places her foot on the back of my head - reminding me of my place.


I am a person who is very talkative but during session it's exactly the opposite. Even though I remain quiet, Mistress Fatale reads my reactions and moves ahead accordingly. Feet/shoe worship, spit + pre-mastication, whipping and electrical play are a few of my favourite activities with Mistress, but with Her, I'm willing to try most anything. 


A BDSM session is more mental with physical play being a catalyst and Mistress Fatale is very creative in merging both for an effective and thrilling experience. As an example, during one of O/our sessions the mouth gag was too loose for me and Mistress removed her undergarments that she was wearing, stuffed it in my mouth and sealed it with tape. It was a big thing for me and I was ecstatic after that small action. Activities apart, one of the most important part is the flow, in a BDSM session. And Mistress Fatale excels in controlling the flow and intensity of the session.


...I have been seeing Mistress Audrey for sessions as often as I can for the better part of the last three or so years, and I can safely say that each and every session has left me begging for more and more and more.

I usually see Mistress Audrey for breathe play and she has helped me dive deeper and deeper into my fetish each time! We are now at a point where we are using heavy re-breather hoods, plastic bags and a whole array for amazing gear to push further and further down the breathe play rabbit hole together! We recently also began incorporating ball busting play into our sessions, something I have always wanted to try, but never felt comfortable enough with a Mistress to take the leap until I met Mistress Audrey, and I am so glad I did because she is amazing at it!


It’s hard to put into words just how incredible you are Mistress Audrey, but you have taken me deeper into my kinks than I ever thought I possible could go, and for this I thank you! I cannot wait until our next session to dive even further down the rabbit hole with you Mistress!

- boything

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