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My name is Audrey Fatale - I'm a classically trained, professional and lifestyle Dominatrix specialising in Immersive Bondage, Medical Fetish, and Corporal Punishment scenes in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia.


I am the co/proprietor of Melbourne's premier private, 1600 sqft, fully equipped BDSM studio - a contemporary, elegant space boasting some of the best gear and equipment from around the world (Enfettered, Studio Gum, Fetters, Serious Kit, et al.) as well as an expanding collection of custom built furniture designed especially for my favourite kinky proclivities.

I'm a practitioner of traditional Female Domination with a sophisticated, modern edge - mingling gravitas, seduction and cruelty with effortless charm. While I always expect a baseline of respect when engaging in play, my style is flexible and responsive to the full spectrum of players, from the dedicated slave to the curious sensation seeker. But while I am keenly interested in what makes you tick, ultimately, when you step into my domain, I am in control.

My approach is always collaborative and I encourage openness, honesty, and clear communication. I am a strong proponent of P.R.I.C.K. (Personal Responsibility, Informed Consensual Kink) and my expectation of you is that you are self-reflexive enough to understand your motivations and confident enough within yourself to hand over control and let me guide the way. 

What you will be met with in return is an intelligent, compassionate and self assured Mistress, confident in both my power and expertise. What you won't get is a cookie cutter experience, a media trope, a dress up doll or a projection of your preconceived fantasies.


If you seek release through pain, comfort from control or liberty via perversion, welcome to my world.

Audrey Fatale x




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