Please note that my virtual offerings are being revised post Covid and will only be considered on a case by case basis.



visuals – skype + zoom


Social discourse through to heavy domination.

+ 250/hh

+ 400/h

+ 100/200 for session recording


textual relations – let’s keep in touch /


Daily, limited interaction. Social + task based.

+ 450/week

+ 200 for candid pics/selfies


customise – your keepsake / established clients only


Full HD, pro audio custom clips centred on your particular predilections.


+ 35/minute – non-exclusive.

+ 50/minute – For your eyes only.  

5/mins minimum


the lifestyle experience - when 'by the hour' isn't enough / 

Distance/lifestyle, ultimate DOMINATION experience – daily interaction (phone/text), 2hrs Skype or Zoom per week: social discourse, daily tasks, lifestyle management, dedicated online session time.

Caveat: This experience is controlled be me and is facilitated at my discretion and on my timetable. 

+ 1500/week

+ 10% off one-month commitment - longer term negotiable. 

+ 20% off real time sessions.

Please see my availability + bookings page for more information or apply here.