I appreciate you taking the time to have a look at my carefully curated wish list page. 

Being a professional Dominatrix is an expensive business, especially with my taste! Whilst I don't expect gifts, they are always gratefully received. 

A selfless gesture is always held in the highest regard, but I would like for you to also consider how purchasing something from the options below might also benefit you, for example, choosing something that we could use together in a session. 

Regardless of what you might decide on, big or small, the gesture of a gift will most definitely get my attention.  


Please click on the links below to be taken to my selections and check back for updates. 

physical gifts

I currently have two wish list pages - on Throne and Wishlistr


My Throne wish list allows you to make the purchase directly from their page and they will organise payment, add any relevant taxes and post direct to me. This service does add additional fees to cover their administrative costs but allows you the option of gifting anonymously and surprising me.

My Wishlistr page allows you to peruse my choices directly, but unless you already know my studio address, you will need to communicate directly with me before making any purchases. There are no additional fees on top of the item cost (+taxes) and postage.


gift vouchers




Mister B

Sax Leather

The London Tanners

HW Designs

Melanie Grant Skincare

David Jones

Gift cards can be sent to

adopt an expense


If you're more practical in your sensibilities and you like the idea of contributing to my business success and wellbeing, adopting a bill or an expense relating to administration/business costs, personal grooming or self care as a one off or ongoing tribute would be gratefully received. My current ongoing, monthly expenses are:

Phone: $100

Bathhouse: $100

Fingers + Toes: $150

Studio Utilities: $150

Gym: $230*

Hair + Makeup: $250

Massage: $275

Studio Rent Contribution: $500+

* Currently adopted

money for monies sake


Tips and tributes are also a very kind way to show your appreciation, particularly in the current climate. If you'd like to make a cash contribution, you can do so by downloading the Beem It app (a secure and anonymous money transfer system - AU only) and send to @lafemmeterrible.

For all of the above, please be sure to use a name, twitter handle or email address I will recognise, or contact me directly to let me know who you are so I can thank you personally.