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Session Specials!

I'm off to Europe, perverts.

In the lead-up to jetting off, I've decided to offer some very special session options to help fill up my diary (and coffers), thereby allowing me the luxury of truly switching off during my absence (and yes, maybe indulging in some kinky European shopping while I'm there). These sessions will only be offered from now until Thursday the 14th of September, 2023. They are subject to my usual requirements including a deposit of $100 per hour booked, however, if you are required to reschedule, the session must be held before my departure date or your deposit will be forfeited. Please note that these sessions can't be swapped out for bookings already secured before this offer was made. If we've not met before, please use the submission form on my website to request a booking, and for those of you in the know, reach out via the usual channels. I look forward to seeing you in my dungeon! AF

Special Offers 1-hour sessions - $450 - I'm reintroducing 1hr sessions to my lineup and reducing the price by $50. The usual caveats apply - suitable for introductory-level activities only. 90min Milking Sessions - $650 - Uncomplicated, relentless. Experience my Serious Kit milking machine in a dedicated 90-minute session. May include light to medium bondage and CBT if requested. Pure Bondage - $1,000 - 3 hours of bondage-focused play. The cornerstone of the session is intense bondage - what happens when you're in it is anyone's guess. (Normally $1200). Full-Day Play + Bondage - $1500 - Spend 8 hours in the dungeon indulging in play of your choice plus extended periods of confinement. Approximately 3-4 hours of focused play and 4-5 hours of bondage. Periods of play/confinement can be dispersed throughout the day as desired. (Normally $2,200). Full-Day Immersive Submission - $1,700 - 8hrs of protocol, play and service-oriented submission. These sessions will be tailored to your interests and will include dedicated play time, meal time and service ie meal prep/service, foot service, other service oriented tasks as directed. (Normally $2,500).


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